Concierge Medicine

“In today’s changing and complex medical environment, it is my commitment as a physician to maintain patient care as my top priority.”

Dr. Patricia A Schechter D.O.

Concierge Benefits

Concierge Medicine provides many advantages over a typical physician-patient relationship. It is the term used to describe a highly personalized and individualized type of health care. The number of patients in this practice are limited so the physician spends more time with patients and provides more comprehensive personalized care.


Osteopathic Manipulation

Dr. Schechter is an Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and one of her specialties is Osteopathic Manipulation, which deals with bone structure and alignment. Unlike a chiropractor, she does not crack bones. She gently manipulates the body back into place allowing a better form and alignment. She approaches body and energy with a more holistic approach. She also is experienced in lymphatic drainage.


Direct Communication

Concierge patients have direct communication access to Dr. Schechter via personal phone and email -24/7. This provides patients with the peace of mind for you and your family knowing you have a highly trained expert managing your care when you need it most.


Appointment Availability

Concierge patients are able to get seen within 24 hours by Dr. Patricia Schechter.


In-Office Labs

Concierge patients have the convenience to partake in in-office lab work including blood draws instead of going to a Lab.


Exclusive Memberships

There is limited patient enrollment for this program so that the clinician has more time and ability to focus directly on Concierge Patient Care.


Specialty Care Coordination

Concierge membership includes having Dr. Schechter and her experienced support staff coordinate communication and referrals with other Specialty Practices.



Concierge patients receive discounts on vitamins and 10% off all Medical Aesthetic Services.

Service Prices

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