Laser Therapy

Rejuvenate your look with no downtime with the XEO Laser. Clear your skin of blemishes and imperfections with our new top-of-the-line Laser Therapy. The XEO Laser can repair, restore, and reinvent your look in as little as 15 minutes! Say goodbye to unwanted hair, acne scars, bothersome veins, and blemishes. Say hello to smooth skin.


Skin Rejuvenation
Laser Genesis Therapy can target large pores, scars, fine lines, uneven texture to restore and rejuvenate your skin! Attain clear skin, free of blemishes, eczema, scars, stretch marks and more! May require more than one treatment. to attain desired results.

Laser Hair Removal
The XEO Laser has specialized handles that work to minimize hair follicle production on all skin types! May require more than one treatment for definitive results. This procedure is pain-less and has no-downtime!

Minimize Skin Pigmentation
If you experience facial redness, Rosacea, sun damaged skin, or dark spots; we got you covered! Laser Therapy treatments can restore your skin back to it’s natural pigmentation, eliminating the red/brown splotches. Requires down-time post procedure.

Skin Tightening

The Titan is a specialized XEO Laser handle that targets deep dermal heating to produce more collagen in desired areas. Used mainly on the face, neck, submentum, and abdomen. When used in the facial/ neck regions, this treatment helps lift the face for a youthful effect. The effects can be seen almost immediately after treatment! No downtime!

Vein Reduction

Do you have bothersome facial or leg veins that you would like to get rid of? Look no further! We have a specialized Laser Therapy vascular treatment that helps reduce the appearance of veins in as little as one treatment! No downtime is needed!

Reduce Scar Appearance

Laser Therapy can target dark scars that are raised and help eliminate their appearance. It can also soften hard scars. To obtain optimal results, many treatments may be required. No downtime required.