TruSculpt 3D

Don’t let stubborn fat hold you back! TruSculpt 3D uses non-invasive radio-frequency technology to shrink fat cells, reduce cellulite, and improve skin structure by tightening the treatment area. The treatment is gentle and repeatable so you can choose to have multiple sessions for maximum fat diminishment. Patients report that their treated areas of fat are noticeably smaller, and that skin concerns like cellulite are visibly improved. Complete results are 12 weeks from initial treatment.

Fat Reduction

Studies have shown that even after a single treatment with TruSculpt 3D, you can see fat reduction of up to 24% as your results develop over the course

Decreased Cellulite

TruSculpt 3D improves skin texture and reduces appearance of cellulite through promotion of collagen.

Skin Tightening

Combined with a good diet and exercise, TruSculpt 3D offers results in as little as 6 weeks. Final complete results are 12 weeks from initial treatment.